Apple Pay Casinos

Canadian online casino players can now access a great number of the best Apple Pay casinos. These gambling sites use a reliable mobile-based payment service to facilitate quick deposits. You can deposit money safely and even claim bonuses using your casino deposits. We will show you how this payment system works at the top online casinos featured here.

Best Online Casinos That Accept Apple Pay

We have compiled a list of the leading Apple Pay casinos on our platform. These online casinos support players from Canada and will allow you to deposit money into your casino account using Apple Pay.





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Table of Contents

    History of Apple Pay

    AppleApple Pay was officially launched in 2014, but it had been in the works for many years. This was a partnership between Apple, Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. The motive was to replace traditional bank account transfers with single-use tokens when making payments for goods and services. Apple Pay was created to help users pay with a single transaction via their mobile devices due to the smartphone boom.

    Apple officially announced the service during the launch of the iPhone 6. Tim Cook, the CEO, stated that payments via plastic cards were no longer secure and out of fashion. He said that Apple Pay would be included in the update for iOS 8.1, alongside an API for developers who wanted to have the service in their applications.

    Apple Pay instantly attained tremendous success, just like its range of products. Then, in 2015, it expanded to China and the UK and was incorporated into the payment systems of leading companies like KFC and Starbucks. Over the next few years, the product rapidly spread to many European and Asian countries. By the summer of 2020, about 60 countries had signed up for the service, which was a mark of success.

    Today, this payment system is one of the leading global services, allowing players to pay for almost any service or product. It also works alongside numerous payment cards and networks. Now, it is one of the first choices for players who want to play casino games in the best online casinos via their mobile devices.

    How to Choose the Best Apple Pay Casino in Canada

    As mentioned earlier, many Apple Pay sites support players from Canada. However, we don’t recommend signing up and making a minimum deposit in the first one you come across. Doing this is the quickest way to fall into the hands of a fraudulent casino.

    To keep you safe, we have compiled a list of factors you should consider when choosing Apple Pay casino sites. These are also the same factors we used to compile our recommended casinos, which include:

    Online Casino License

    The license of the gaming site is the first thing you need to check out when looking for an online casino to play in. A valid license in an online casino means it is properly regulated and safe. If you play in an unlicensed casino that refuses to give you your winnings, there is nothing you can do about it. But with a licensed casino, you can quickly run to the regulatory body responsible for issuing the license to report.

    Therefore, sticking with licensed casinos is critical. Ideally, you want to go for casinos licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, Curacao Government and Alderney Gaming Authority.

    Available Bonus Offers and Free Spins

    Another critical issue is the casino bonuses available. The top Apple Pay casinos offer unique bonuses to players who deposit money using their Apple Pay account. These bonuses should range from a welcome bonus, deposit bonus, free spins, no deposit bonuses, loyalty programs, and so on.

    Bonus amounts tend to differ depending on the casino, but you need to make sure they are reasonable and attached to reasonable wagering requirements. You can find this and other essential details in the terms and conditions of the casino bonus. Only choose Apple Pay casinos with bonus offers that are profitable and attached with reasonable wagering requirements, like those on our list.

    Payment Methods and Transaction Speed

    You are looking for new online casinos  that support Apple Pay, so you want to make sure the payment option is available. However, asides from this, it is vital to go through the casino and make sure that there are other reliable options.

    Even though some casinos may offer Apple Pay as a deposit option, it is usually not supported for withdrawals. Therefore, you will want to check out the other available options and make sure they are suitable for your needs.

    Ideally, an Apple Pay online casino should have options like Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and many more. Also, find out how long payments and withdrawals using other payment methods take. Even though Apple Pay is instant, other methods may require 1 – 3 days and sometimes more.

    Customer Support

    No matter how perfect a particular online casino may seem, issues may arise at some point. In this scenario, you will want a support team available 24/7 with the technical know-how to help you out. Ensure the Apple Pay casino has a reliable team that you can reach via email, telephone, and live chat. There should also be an extensive FAQs page that answers common problems and social media accounts.

    Game Variety

    It makes sense to join real money casino sites with an extensive range of games on offer. This is because playing the same types of games can quickly become boring, so you need a casino that offers you many options.

    The games should range from slots, tables, live dealers, and progressive jackpots. These categories should be further broken down; for instance, the slot category should consist of classic slots, 5-reel slots, 3D slots, etc. Also, the games should come from top developers like Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Playtech, etc.

    Device Functionality

    Since your primary focus is Apple Pay, you will want an online casino that functions flawlessly on numerous devices. These should include mobile phones running IOS, PC, etc. The best Apple Pay casinos have a mobile app that allows you to sign in and play games with ease. You can even get access to unique bonuses for players who register with mobile devices. Make sure these options are available before settling for an Apple Pay casino.

    User Interface and Design

    Playing at an online casino should not be a complex task. Therefore, we recommend that you register at only those Apple Pay casinos that are well organized and appealing to you. This may seem very trivial, but struggling to find your way around a messy casino site that is not attractive can quickly make your gambling experience tedious. Make sure the site loads fast, and there are links directing you to the important pages.

    How to Make a Deposit in Apple Pay Casino

    Depositing money in online casinos is very easy if you are conversant with the steps. We have put together this extensive guide to help you out.

    Estimated Time Needed: 00:05
    Tools Needed: Account
    Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Step 1

    Check Our List of Casinos

    First, you will want to check out our list of top online casinos in Canada. Our experts have vetted them using the most important criteria to ensure you get the best experience.

    Step 2

    Filter the Apple Pay Online Casinos

    You have the option of filtering the online casinos on our list. You can do this using license, payment methods, games available, etc.

    Step 3

    Read Our Reviews

    Next, go through our extensive reviews for the Apple Pay casinos you chose. This will show you what you can expect from a specific Apple Pay casino. If you are satisfied with what a casino has to offer, it is time to register.

    Step 4

    Register and Deposit

    After finding your ideal new casino, register on the platform. Our casinos are highly user-friendly, so the process should take less than 5 minutes. Then, make a deposit and start playing!

    Google Pay vs Apple Pay Casinos

    Google Pay is a payment option similar to Apple Pay. However, Google powers this option instead, and can be accessed by all iOS and Android-powered devices. As a new player in online casinos, determining which to go with can be very tricky. But we have made it easier by comparing both options so you can choose which is best for you.

    Google Pay
    Apple Pay
    checked.svgIt functions on both Android and iOS powered devices
    not-checked.svgIt works only on IOS powered devices
    not-checked.svgGoogle pay may charge fees for deposits
    checked.svgNo fees required
    not-checked.svgThere are not as many Google Pay casinos
    checked.svgThere are tons of casinos that accept Apple Pay
    Google Pay
    checked.svgIt functions on both Android and iOS powered devices
    not-checked.svgGoogle pay may charge fees for deposits
    not-checked.svgThere are not as many Google Pay casinos
    Apple Pay
    not-checked.svgIt works only on IOS powered devices
    checked.svgNo fees required
    checked.svgThere are tons of casinos that accept Apple Pay

    Key Elements to Know About Apple Pay Casinos

    Key ElementsBefore you decide to use Apple Pay casinos, there are some key things you need to note. These include:

    Access to a Variety of Exclusive Bonuses

    Apple Pay casinos offer a range of bonuses when you register with Apple Pay. These bonuses are unique and can’t be gotten if you use other payment methods. Popular bonuses to expect include no deposit welcome bonuses, free spins, and match deposit bonuses, among others.

    Apple Pay Comes Pre-Installed on Your Device

    Apple Pay is a payment solution that comes with Apple devices and comes pre-installed. This saves you the stress and time of having to search for the app yourself.

    Only for iOS devices

    This payment method only functions on IOS-powered devices. It won’t work if you use an Android device. So, if you want to use Apple Pay, you will need to purchase an iOS device. This may be a drawback for players who already own Android devices.

    It Is Secure and Safe

    This payment option offers features like Face ID and Touch ID verification for more safety. There is also a find my phone feature on Apple devices that allows you to disable your device if it falls into the wrong hands. All these features will ensure that it is almost impossible for any unauthorized person to gain access to your Apple Pay.

    Apple Pay Can Make Registration Faster

    Online casinos in Canada can use Apple Pay as a verification method before you play. Instead of inputting your details during registration, the Apple Pay casino can use your Apple Pay information to get you started. This makes registration faster and seamless in online casinos.

    Link Numerous Cards

    You can link Apple Pay with more than one bank card. This way, you can separate your online casino activities from your daily life. If you love to keep your gambling activities private, this is a great option.

    Tons of Apple Pay Casinos

    Apple Pay is accepted by many online casinos in Canada. You won’t have a problem finding one and playing for real money when you are ready.

    Keep Your Details Private

    You don’t have to reveal your bank details to the online casino when using Apple Pay. This saves a lot of time and ensures that your information is safe in the unlikely event that the casino is compromised. It also helps those who want to keep their gambling activities to themselves.

    Instant Deposits

    Deposits with Apple Pay in online casinos are instant. You can easily register on a Canadian casino, deposit money, and start playing within minutes.

    No Charges

    It does not come with any charges when used for deposits in online casinos. This is unlike many other options like Google Pay, which may charge you for transactions using your card.

    Not Accepted in Some Online Casinos

    Even though this payment method is extremely popular, some online casinos do not accept it. Make sure you verify that it is accepted first before registering on a platform.

    Pros & Cons of Apple Pay Casinos

    Apple Pay casinos allow you to make safe and secure deposits into your casino account. However, this fantastic option comes with a few downsides. Here’s a list of the pros and cons:


    • Deposits using Apple Pay are instant
    • Making deposits in Apple Pay casinos is easy
    • Players can benefit from unique bonuses only applicable to Apple Pay deposits
    • There are numerous Apple Pay casinos in Canada
    • Apple Pay casinos are incredibly safe and secure


    • Apple Pay casinos don’t support withdrawals with Apple Pay
    • You can only use Apple Pay on IOS devices


    Apple Pay casinos are outstanding, and that is why many casinos choose to play in them. These casinos offer tons of casino games, including slots, live casino games, progressive jackpots, and many others. Players will also enjoy a variety of bonuses ranging from welcome bonuses, free spins, no deposit bonuses, etc. Top Apple Pay online casinos also have an outstanding customer support team available 24/7. You can reach them via phone, email, live chat, and via their social media channels.

    Apple Pay casinos also ensure the safety of players using the most recent security measures. However, Apple has also taken further steps to ensure safety with the inclusion of the Touch ID and Face ID for transaction verification. The best Apple Pay casinos will surely get you an online gaming experience worth your money.

    However, this can only happen if you register at a licensed Apple Pay casino like the ones on our recommended list. Check out our options, register, deposit money, and start enjoying real money games.


    What is Apple Pay?

    Apple Pay is a mobile payment system for mobile devices running on IOS. It is a system that Apple developed to help with safe and secure payments offline and online. This payment system is supported by various payment devices like iPhone, iMacs, Apple Watch, etc.

    Do You Need to Register an Account With Apple Pay to Use It?

    Yes, you will need to set up an account with Apple to use this service. Registration is free and only requires your email address and a functional Apple device.

    Is Apple Pay Safe?

    Yes, Apple Pay is very safe, and it can be used without worries on online casino sites. Every time you want to carry out a transaction, you must verify it using your Touch ID or Face ID. This ensures you are always safe when making deposits on casino sites that support Apple Pay.

    Can I Use Apple Pay in Canadian Online Casinos?

    Yes, online casinos accept Apple Pay in Canada. It has become one of the leading payment options in the country for mobile online gamblers. Aside from Canada, Apple Pay is available in more than 60 countries spread across Asia, South America, Europe and the Middle East. You can head to the official site for a more extensive list of countries.

    Are There Charges for Deposits Made Using Apple Pay?

    There is no fee attached to using Apple Pay for deposits in online casinos. However, some online casinos may attach fees at their discretion for each deposit you make, even though this is unlikely.

    Does Apple Pay Support Withdrawals From Online Casinos?

    Sadly, Apple Pay does not support withdrawals when playing in online casinos. You can only make deposits, but if you want to withdraw, you can pick from the other options available such as Visa, Mastercard, etc.

    Is Apple Pay Mobile-Friendly?

    Yes, Apple Pay is fully mobile-friendly. In fact, when you purchase compatible Apple devices, it comes pre-installed. This way, you can make payments at online casinos from any location using your mobile device.

    What Is the Minimum Deposit in Canadian Apple Pay Casinos?

    The minimum deposit amount varies depending on the Apple Pay Casino. However, most casinos will require a minimum deposit of around C$10 – C$50. Make sure you read the casino's terms and conditions to get this information before you register.

    What Games Are Available in Apple Pay Casinos?

    Apple Pay casinos offer a variety of games, including slots, table games, progressive jackpots, and live dealer games. Regardless of what kind of games you enjoy, there is usually something to play in an Apple Pay casino.

    Are All Canadian Apple Pay Casinos Safe?

    No, not every Apple Pay online casino is safe. There are some shady casinos masquerading as legit casinos only out to steal your money. You will still have to do your due diligence before registering on any Apple Pay casino. Ideally, you want to go for an Apple Pay casino that is properly licensed by a leading regulatory body like the Malta Gaming Authority oror the UK Gambling Commission.

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