Google Pay Casinos in Canada

Google Pay casinos are, without a doubt, among the best gambling platforms for Canadian players looking for a safe payment method. Casino sites with this banking option facilitate mobile-based payments via a simple e-wallet. And you can use your deposit to claim casino bonuses and play real-money games. Keep reading to find out how online casinos accepting Google Pay work.

Online Casinos That Accept Google Pay





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Table of Contents

    What Is Google Pay and How Does It Work?

    Google payBefore looking for online casinos that accept Google Pay, it is essential to know more details about this payment option. So, what is Google Pay?

    Google Pay is an online payment system or digital wallet platform that allows users to make contactless payments and purchases. Formerly available as Android Pay, it is a payment option by Google and is available for use on Android devices around the world. Although some users can use this payment method on iOS devices, iOS access is not yet available worldwide. 

    To use the platform, users have to upload the details of a card as a means to eliminate the need for a magnetic stripe, PIN, or chip. Using Near-Field Communication (NFC), it can wirelessly communicate with various Point of Sales systems. 

    There are several ways to authenticate a Google Pay payment on a device. These include passcodes, fingerprint IDs, or Face IDs. The option you use to authenticate the payment depends on the features available on the device in use.

    How To Make A Deposit In A Google Pay Casino?

    Depositing at a Google Pay casino is easy, and this section will explain the steps you need to take. Initially, you need to set up Google Pay on your Google account. It can be done by signing up with your mobile device or via a desktop browser. You can access your e-wallet via the Google Play Store. Once you have your Google Pay account set up, you can take the following steps to deposit on an online casino: 

    Estimated Time Needed: 00:05
    Tools Needed: Account
    Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Step 1

    Select an Online Casino

    When selecting a casino to play on, be sure to choose a casino that supports Google Pay. These are the online casinos that accept Google Pay deposits and withdrawals on their platforms.

    Step 2

    Pick a Preferred Payment Method

    Once your registration is complete, navigate to the casino's banking section or cashier section. Here, select Google Pay from the list of payment methods available.

    Step 3

    Pick a Card

    Many individuals use multiple cards on their Google Pay accounts. So, you need to pick the card you want to make the payment from. This is for players who have more than one debit card or credit card details stored.

    Step 4

    Complete the Transaction

    To complete the transaction, you need to authenticate the transaction. You can do this using fingerprint identification or Google Authenticator.

    Apple Pay vs Google Pay Casinos

    When talking about Google Pay, the closest substitute is Apple Pay. Although these are two rival companies, both options have many similarities. You can find the various features of each option below: 

    Apple Pay Casinos
    Google Pay Casinos
    not-checked.svgThis payment method is compatible with only iPhones, Mac, and iPads.
    checked.svgIt is available both on Android and Apple devices.
    checked.svgIt is easier to use, and transactions are free.
    not-checked.svgA bit more complicated to use.
    not-checked.svgThere are fewer additional features compared to the Google Pay app -
    checked.svgMore additional features
    Apple Pay Casinos
    not-checked.svgThis payment method is compatible with only iPhones, Mac, and iPads.
    checked.svgIt is easier to use, and transactions are free.
    not-checked.svgThere are fewer additional features compared to the Google Pay app -
    Google Pay Casinos
    checked.svgIt is available both on Android and Apple devices.
    not-checked.svgA bit more complicated to use.
    checked.svgMore additional features

    Things to Know About Google Pay

    As with most casino payment methods, there is a lot to learn about Google Pay, and this is a great time to do so. By learning about it, you can see some of the excellent benefits it offers and reasons to play on such online gambling sites. 

    Google Pay Casinos Bonuses

    Google Pay online casinos are like other casinos in various aspects. They offer excellent casino games along with attractive casino bonuses to entice players. Some of the bonuses you can find at these casinos include: 

    • No-Deposit Bonuses: These are bonuses that you can claim without depositing on the casino. Although these bonuses aren’t as large as the deposit bonuses, they are great for new players on a Google Pay online casino. 
    • Welcome Bonuses: The welcome bonus is available to players who sign up on a Google Pay Casino. They can be available as deposit or no-deposit bonuses on the casino platform. For the deposit bonuses, some casinos have bonuses on the first deposit, while others can spread it across two, three, four, or more deposits. 
    • Deposit Bonuses: You can claim the deposit bonus by depositing them into the casino account. 
    • Free Spins: The free spins are excellent bonuses that are great for players that enjoy slot games. A free spin bonus is useful on only slot games and may be available with match bonuses. 

    Google Pay casino bonuses are great and valuable for all players, but they come with their own terms and conditions. It is vital that you go through the information on a casino’s website to identify these terms and conditions, such as the minimum deposit. 

    Common Google Pay Casinos

    There are several types of Google Pay online casinos you can play at, and these include the following:

    1. Live Casinos: A live casino that accepts Google Pay is great for players who enjoy casino games with real dealers. These live games support streaming technologies and make players feel like they are present in real gambling halls. 
    2. Mobile Casinos: The mobile casino gaming community is rapidly expanding, and what better way to make payments than with a new reliable platform? Google Pay mobile online casinos are available via mobile browsers and apps, giving players on-the-go access to their favourite games. Most mobile casinos that support this payment option give players one-tap payment options through seamless integration of the payment option. 
    3. New Casinos: There are many new casinos that spring up now and then, with many of them accepting Google Pay payments. When you sign up for these casinos, you can claim many excellent bonuses, so don’t hesitate to find one. 

    Jackpots on Google Pay Casinos

    In addition to the basic casino bonuses you get when you visit any casino, you can also claim casino game bonuses. On several Google Pay casinos, you have a chance to play online slots with progressive jackpots.

    Progressive jackpot games offer players a chance to claim massive jackpots. How does this happen? With progressive jackpots, the game starts with an initial jackpot that increases as players place bets. 

    The jackpot will continue to increase until a player wins it. The moment a player wins, the jackpot reverts to its initial value, repeating the process. These jackpot games are usually part of a network of the same game in various casinos. Although progressive games give you a chance to win big, they require a substantial investment. 

    It is good to search for free spin bonuses to play progressive jackpots. Different casinos offer free spins, with some offering up to 100 free spins to players. 


    One of the most critical features of any casino payment system is its security, which is why many online casinos accept Google Pay. The platform is one of the most secure payment systems you will find on any online casino. The platform encrypts and masks user information to ensure no one can access your personal or financial information, which you store on the platform. 

    Biometric security is a burning topic for digital banking services nowadays. With the latest updates, Google Pay also supports fingerprint scanning and facial recognition in the devices which support these features. That means, along with a strong password, you can secure your Google Pay account with extra security measures.

    Pros & Cons of Google Pay

    Google Pay online payments have several pros, making it worth picking on an online casino. However, it also comes with a few cons. In this section, you will learn about the pros and cons and why it remains a dominant payment method among Google Pay casino sites. 


    • Simple interface
    • Many safety measures
    • Allows using multiple cards
    • No transaction fees attached


    • Limited amount of Google Pay casinos
    • Some devices don’t support it


    There are many ways you can assess an online casino. Its licenses and the developers whose games appear on the platform are excellent ways to do so. One new way that many players don’t know about is through its payment options. 

    To recognize a casino as a Google Pay casino, it must have the Google Pay payment option. This means it is endorsed by Google. Any casino displaying the Google logo is sure to have gone through a rigorous testing process before being endorsed. 

    In addition to the safety of the casino, Google Pay also has excellent features that make it worth visiting. It offers several layers of security that protect player details, and it doesn’t charge fees on any transaction you perform. 


    Can I Use Google Pay on a Mobile Casino?

    Yes, you can. In the first place, it is a mobile payment system. The platform's design makes it one of the best payment options for users accessing a Google Pay mobile casino through a tablet or mobile device.

    Is There a Support Team From Google Pay?

    Yes, there is a support team that players can reach out to via email, live chat, Twitter, or phone. The team is available 24/7, and players can get support in various languages. The support page also has a wealth of knowledge on its FAQ page.

    Is Google Pay Available in My Country?

    If you're playing on a new online casino from Canada, then you can use the Google Pay option on its platform. To learn about all the countries supported by Google Pay, you can visit their website for more information. When you launch the Google Pay option, you also get a notification that lets you know if it is supported in your location or not.

    Are There Fees I Need To Pay When Using Google Pay?

    No, the Google Pay service is free to use, unlike some other options. Although being a new option for some casino players, this is a reason why it is becoming more dominant on several online casinos.

    Does Google Pay Set a Limit on Deposits and Withdrawals?

    No, there is no limit on the amount you can deposit or withdraw when using Google Pay. However, online casinos always have their limits. You must read through the terms and conditions of the online casino to learn about the maximum deposits or withdrawals they accept. You will also find this information in the cashier section of the casino.

    How Long Does It Take to Deposit via Google Pay?

    Google Pay deposits at online casinos are processed instantly; therefore, you don't need to worry about long waiting times and start playing immediately.

    Are There Welcome Bonus Offers at Google Pay Casinos?

    There are many casino bonuses offered at Google Pay casinos. These bonuses may vary from the welcome bonus, deposit bonus, free spins and other free features. Check the casinos we list to find the most lucrative offers.

    Is Fingerprint Scanning Supported in Google Pay?

    Yes, by using devices with a fingerprint scanner, you can secure your account with fingerprint or facial recognition even further.

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